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JuicyLesson 152: Fear and Loathing; the Cold War … A Possible Quebec Election … A Goalie Controversy in Vancouver …The Story of Jeff Hall Who Murdered his Neo-Nazi Father; Crime & Punishment …

During the post-war years of the Cold War (1945 to 1989), the two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, faced off with each other with their respective blocs – NATO in the case of the West and the Warsaw Pact in the East. Suffice to say that as long as Russia (the Soviet Union) and the United States stayed out of each other’s way and did nothing to provoke the heating up of the so-called Cold War, there was little if any chance of a nuclear holocaust being unleashed by one of them.

Moving on to the Luongo vs. Lack goalie controversy about who should have started Sunday’s what looks like a Vancouver loss vs. the Ottawa Senators … Very very very serious argument going on about the ethics of the fans from Van or the Van fans for their booing of Lack in the Canucks’ net yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. Granted he wasn’t having one of his better days, but the fact of the matter is that Lack has allowed exactly two goals – count ’em, two! – in his last two regulation appearances before the game vs. Ottawa Sunday on Vancouver ice, home ice in other words.

And now for the master of understatement:
Van has to try to generate offense … With less than six minutes remaining in the third period of a game the Canucks are trailing 3-2 to the Ottawa Senators and this announcer guy saying for anyone and everyone to hear that the home team Canucks have to generate offense. Well no fucking kidding.

And do you know what else? The Canucks failed abysmally to generate any offense and ended up on the short end of a 4-2 score.

What about the so-called “Winter Classic” hockey game in Vancouver Sunday evening … it was supposed to be outdoors but when the snow started, the roof was closed. What’s up with that? “Winter Classic”, my freaking butt! More of an outright cash grab, n’est-ce pas?

Holy shit. Jack Nicklaus and his wife Barbara have five grandchildren and no less than twenty-two grandchildren.

Joseph Hall, ten years old when he murdered his father, Jeff Hall, the infamous American Neo-Nazi leader, was convicted of second degree murder and got ten years in prison as a result. His father had been physically abusing both he and his mother, Jeff’s wife, and when arrested one of the first things Joseph Hall told detectives was that he had murdered his father to deal with the “father-son thing”. In Canada, this child would have received a maximum of three years if convicted. Is that what we want?

There are, obviously, as there are to any argument, two sides to this story and to the whole rather large question of juvenile crime and punishment. Do we want kids to be let off easily or not? I can’t imagine the kind of life that Joe Hall will have if and when he serves his ten year sentence. On the other hand, we can’t have certain adults and some juveniles knowing that the maximum sentence which can be legally imposed on a juvenile – a person who was younger than eighteen years of age when he/she committed the act for which they have been convicted and sentenced – is three years in Canada.

Do we want situations where a juvenile serves the three year maximum in Canada and then is released into the population at large?

There is significant speculation regarding Premier Marois’ calling a provincial election today. The election will probably take place in around mid-April. God help us all.

Peace out.

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