JuicyLesson 148: A Word to the Wyse Doctor, the Montreal Canadiens Begin Their Arduous Road to the Playoffs … Marois and Trudeau Wend Their Way Towards the Next Elections …

A word to the Wyse … A word or two about the Habs … An apology from Justin … Ignorance and insensitivity from Pauline Marois, the Premier of all Quebeckers …the next elections in Quebec and Canada …

A word to the Wyse to begin with: I always enjoyed you in our classes together, you and that bunch of friends you used to hang out with at that time and may still do with some of them anyway. What do I know? I know that I am very happy to be seeing you today although I wish it were under a different circumstance than that of patient-gastro-enturologist, but hopefully there is nothing wrong with my stomach, digestive system, etc. or, if there is, it’s nothing serious.

I have a compliment for you, Wyse man that you are. The doctor who hooked us up said that although he doesn’t really know you, he had to introduce you for a talk you were going to give to what I assume was a peer group of professionals and that, and I quote, “he (you) gave a good talk”. You are always a true gentleman, Dr., and I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see you at the nurse’s station on 7NW that afternoon when I came back to visit.

New subject: The Habs are back in action tonight at the Bell Centre. During the Olympics, apparently, Carey Price aggravated a groin industry that has bothered him off and on the entire season. That being said, he has managed to play through it, but no more as it was announced today that he will miss the Habs’ next two games – at home tonight vs. Detroit and tomorrow evening against the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Then he will be re-evaluated and his status for Saturday night’s home game vs. Toronto will be determined at that point. It’s described as a lower body injury and people are saying it’s his groin. We wish Mr. Olympic Sensation no pain and a speedy recovery.

No matter. We have Budaj backing up Price and he has done an admirable job almost every single time he’s been called on. His numbers to this point are better than Price’s; Budaj’s save percentage is around .927 while he boasts a GAA (Goals Against Average) of less than 1.98, both terrific numbers, both better than Price’s as a matter of fact but don’t forget that Budaj has only played twelve games.

The Habs have a chance to make some noise down the road both during the regular season and also pendant les playoffs and tonight represents the first step on the road to possible glory as the Habs face a Detroit team which is fighting for its playoff life and it’s been at least a decade since anyone has been able to honestly make a claim like that. That situation is responsible for some of Babcock’s surly remarks and his sarcastic demeanour.

Unfortunately, the Habs fell behind the Red Wings last night and couldn’t come back. Todd Bertuzzi scored for the Wings in the first period with Brian Gionta tying it up a mere twenty-seven seconds before the end of regulation time. But Gustav Nyquist scored the winner for Detroit with a little more than twenty-seven seconds remaining in overtime.

The one point earned by the Canadiens for their overtime loss moves them into a second place tie in the Atlantic Division with Tampa Bay.

More scandal in the Senate:
Colin Kenny, a former Liberal Senator is being investigated for sexual misconduct and abuse of power which is more bad news for the Canadian Upper House which has been mired in controversy for more than a year now. First Mac Harb is accused of fraud and breech of trust and resigns his place as a Liberal Senator. Then the three Tories – Senators a Duffy, Wallen, and Brazeau are investigated by the RCMP and kicked out of the Senate by the Prime Minister until after the next federal election at which point they will all be officially re-instated.

And to top it all off, word has it that one of the disgraced Senators, Patrick Brazeau, is the new manager of a strip club somewhere which is not to say that Brazeau has not had that job for a while – with the news media just hearing about it and publicizing it now.

Yesterday’s JL featured a video in which Justin Trudeau states – with obvious tongue in cheek – that we have reason to fear Russia’s possible response to the bloodshed now evident in the streets of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, because the Russians had just lost in hockey and therefore Russia will be upset and may react violently. Well, Trudeau has apparently apologized for his remark as well he should have done. Actually what he should have done in the first place is NOT to crack wise about a very disturbing situation which has seen dozens of people shot down in the streets of their own capital, to quote the essence of Tom Mulcair’s remarks about what Trudeau had said.

Please view the featured video from yesterday’s Juicy Lesson (147) for Trudeau’s exact comment and for what Mulcair, and some pompous Conservative spokesperson had to say about it.

Yesterday we also discussed something Pauline Marois had done which was to congratulate the Québécois members of our gold medal winning men’s hockey team while completely ignoring the men on the team from the rest of Canada as well as making no mention of the equally victorious women’s team, also returning home from Sochi with gold medals clutched tightly to their hearts. Hence today’s featured cartoon courtesy of the Gazette’s – I don’t know what I would do without him – Aislin.

Thanks very much.

Peace out.

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  1. Greetings!

    Although I’m not as into sports as some, I did appreciate your article, and stand amazed that you picked out all the important stuff, made it clear and interesting without a F here and a F word there. Congratulations my friend. Enjoyed our visit. Peace.

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