Love to Learn, Learn to Love.

JuicyLesson 136: Fear and Loathing; Dusty lets it all hang out and the stupid little Cretinationsts cannot stand up to the logic of the Expansion-Evolutionary-Ists.

Getting ready for Canada vs. Norway, our first men’s hockey game in these – the 20th Winter Olympics – at 11:37 am on Thursday, February, 13th, 2014 … and we are nine hours behind making it 9:00 pm (21h00) at night there noon (12h00) right here right now… or is it eight hours behind making 8:00 pm (20h00) in the evening there …anyway … what-ever.

Further, today, I’m gonna let Dusty (Cult of Dusty) Smith do most of the talking for me if not all of it. So with out further ado, it’s alll about LOGIC.


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