JuicyLesson 135: “From my cold, dead hands”; Fear and loathing anywhere in the near vicinity of either Charleton Heston or Ted Nugent; Amazing Atheist vs. Nugent that stupid piece of crap … What a waste of space …

Just found this guy by accident … great put-down of musician and complete idiot Ted Nugent and other anti-gun control jerk-offs …

This guy calls himself the Amazing Atheist. I bumped into him, believe it or not, while surfing U Tube searching for something new and maybe fresher from Dusty Smith’s Cult of Dusty… and there was this guy ranting about how stupid people like Ted Nugent and the rest of the anti-gun control “lobby” are.

And boy is he right. Just listen to some of the things that come out of Nugent’s face! I had to replay Nugent’s initial statement three times to begin with but still wasn’t able to understand what he was trying to say and neither did the Amazing Atheist for that matter. He calls it “gibberish” and let’s just leave it at that.

The Amazing Atheist is an intelligent, logical thinker; Ted Nugent is a stupid idiot.


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