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JuicyLesson 127: A couple of changes, one extremely minor and the other not earth-shattering either; the rumours of the Habs’ demise may not be an exaggeration after all … Fear and Loathing at Met Life Stadium; Super Bowl XLVIII ..

Today’s JuicyLesson begins with two format changes, the first of which pertains to the elimination of the (#) icon which has always, up to the present day anyway, preceded the number of each JuicyLesson especially in its title line – hardly worth mentioning except to say good-bye to JL #127, and hello to JL 127. So much neater. So much more now. For so much less. So there.

Secondly, I have adapted Hunter S. Thompson’s methodology in the composition of the above-mentioned title line. From now on, whenever this is possible, I will include lots more stuff in what Thompson turned from a few-word title line to a short paragraph which contained a thumbnail sketch of the contents of the chapter – or part of one – which was to follow, or is to in my case. I have found that with these chapter sketches or extremely brief outlines – call them what you like – they make more sense if you go over them twice, once before you read the actual chapter being describesd and again after you have completed your reading of that same chapter.

Here is one example of Dr. Thompson’s chapter sketches, for want of a better word:

“At the Midnight Hour … Stoned on the Zoo Plane; Stomped in Sioux Falls… A Rambling Manic/Depressive Screed in Triple Focus During the Last Days of the McGovern Campaign … Then’s Back to America’s Heartland for a Savage Beating … Fear and Loathing at the Holiday Inn … ”

— “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail … 1972”, iBook, pp. 1781-2

Here is another chapter description from the same book:

“Crank Time on the Low Road … Fear and Loathing in Ohio & Nebraska … Humphrey Gets Ugly, McGovern Backs Off … Delirium Tremens at the National Affairs Deak … Acid, Amnesty, & Abortion … Massive Irregularities on Election Night in Cleveland; Death Watch in the Situation Room … Wallace Gunned Down in Maryland … Showdown in California …”

— Ibid, pp. 1162-5

Get the point? Suffice to say that from here on in or until further notice, I will engage in the creation of Thompson-like chapter outlines or “sketches” prior to each chapter where the chapter at issue lends itself to such a process of description. I noted that the second of the above-mentioned quotes contains no less than fifty-nine (59) words although when both reading and transcribing it, it seems longer.

I’m interested to see when I will end up actually composing the chapter sketch in relation to the actual writing of the chapter itself. Today’s just seemed to come right out of me … No muss, no fuss as they say. So today’s outline is really working as such, what with it’s already having been written and actually referred to as a guide to what comes next and all which seems to be something related to the possible demise of our beloved Montreal Canadiens CH.

Laying here licking my wounds after today’s (Sunday’s) back-breaking Canadiens 2-1 loss at the Bell Centre to the Jets from Winnipeg, the latter seemingly a totally different team (8-2) since Paul Maurice took over as head coach in the wake of the firing of Claude Noel; Habs had a game Saturday afternoon as well – same result, exactly the same, but against a different team, Tampa who came into the Bell Centre and left with two points following a 2-1 win, this one in O/T which permitted at least the salvaging of one point by our Canadiens, the gang of who can’t seem to shoot or pass straight far too often.

Following what can only be described as a magnificent 4-1 road win in Boston as recently as this past Thursday, the Canadiens come out flat against the Lightning Saturday eventually losing by the same score that they would lose by again this very afternoon. One total point in the standings, a total of two goals scored in two games, two losses against the Bolts and Jets, sides who don’t really measure up to the Bruins, on paper anyway.

Inconsistent play seems to be the only really and truly consistent thing about this season’s version of Nos Amours. Check bien ca – the rough sequence the Canadiens experienced in the wake of their previous “last big win”, the one against Chicago a couple of weeks ago: final score in that tilt was Habs 2, Blackhawks 1. In the wake of that “large” Habs’ overtime home win vs. Chicago, the team lost five of their next six games garnering two measly points due to an overtime win they managed to post against the Senators during that particular slump. Final tally for the Habs’ last fifteen (15) games (since January 2nd, 2014)- Wins (6);^
Regulation Losses (7); OT Losses (2); Total Pts.(14); Total Possible pts:(30);,Winning percentage during that 15-game span: .467 or 46.7%, shitty any way you cut it. What the hell is going on with this freaking team! [^only four of which were in regulation time, the other two in overtime]

As for the Super Bowl, so much for Peyton’s supposed invincibility. The Seahawks pretty well gunned down the Peyton Manning myth in addition to drawing and quartering it and burying the corpse somewhere deep in the bowels of Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Heard that traffic ran smoothly with all lanes on all roads between the City and the stadium open and flowing at peak efficiency. Thanks a lot for that Governor Chris Christie. What a vindictive, lying tool he’s turning out to be. Eh?

Turns out that the League’s most potent offense paced by Peyton was just no match for the NFL’s best defence as the Seahawks crushed the fabled Crush. Good on you boys.




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