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JuicyLesson 113: A little more info on med pot

Another JL on med weed to finish off the week

Today we have a couple of photographs showing different med pot products than I have already shown to you in previous JuicyLessons.


First we have the syringe containing a gram of hashish oil. Put a drop or two of oil on a skin (cigarette paper), crumple up the skin, and then swallow it like a pill. Be careful with this stuff until you know how it affects you. It may take an hour or two to hit. Make sure to pull the syringe right back towards you once you have dropped the amount you want onto the cig paper. This will stop the oil from coming out of the syringe.

It’s messy and extremely sticky and it takes a little experience to learn how to handle hash oil.

Next here is what the glycerine tincture looks like.

Note that a syringe is required for this particular type of tincture. There is another type which is THC heavy unlike the one pictured here which, according to the label, has a high CBD content. The former does not require a syringe. As per the label, there is a little more than one gram in each small container of tincture.

To use the tincture in the photo, simply fill a syringe half-way with the product and then shoot it under your tongue. Swallow. Water or a sip of something may be required to counter-act the sweet taste of this particular CBD tincture. Personally, I have no experience with the second type of tincture which is heavy on THC.

That’s it. That’s all.

Have a nice weekend. I may be back tomorrow with one of my “day-off” videos.

Peace out. Bye for now

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