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JuicyLesson #111: A visit to MCAS and assorted goodies

Hi there.

First thanks to all my friends for their birthday wishes. It was really nice. Thanks to Facebook without which we wouldn’t all be connected like we are. Heart-warmed.

Second, our featured photo (above) shows Hilton on the right wearing my hat, again, and his brother, Phil.

Next a photo taken yesterday at the MCAS (Medical Cannabis Access Society) where I went to pick up some edibles and otherwise ingestibles.


Unfortunately as far as product is concerned, I have nothing new to show since some of the ingestibles I got were for my great and good friend Hilton, hospitalized for the last month or so. Word on the street is that he’ll be going home sometime this week. Anyway, I got a syringe of hash oil for him as well as tincture in two very small jars.

Hilton and I did the oil by putting a drop or two from the syringe onto a skin (cigarette paper), crumpling it up, and then taking it as you would a pill. The tincture is ingested in the following manner: a syringe is placed inside the small container from which a gram of the shit is drawn into the syringe (which is all this particular syringe holds). The contents are then transferred from the syringe itself to the underside of the patient’s tongue. This person then swallows it, taking a sip of water to counteract its rather sweet taste. The dosage depends on need/want but the whole gram of tincture can be done in one sitting although Hilton and I did a half a gram each this afternoon in the hospital.

More on tincture tomorrow or Friday. You can also go to the MCAS (Medical Cannabis Access Society) website for more information including the prices for the different-sized tinctures. The hash oil costs forty dollars per gram but a gram can last a few days. The issue with the oil is that the more you use it, the more it takes to get you off. Therefore whereas you may find that a drop or two does the job at first, as time goes on and your exposure to the product increases in terms of the number of times you have ingested it, you will likely need more than the drop or two you originally used. In order to avoid using as much as a half-gram a shot, I suggest that you may want to change from the oil to something else** for a while; that way when you switch back to the oil, it will be at a lower dose than it would have been had you used the oil continually without taking a break.
** more information tomorrow

One thing I’ve had trouble with in terms of my writing is the usage of the words ‘continually’ and ‘continuously’. Time to solve this problem once and for all. Continual means starting and stopping and for a certain duration with interruptions. Continuous on the other hand, means stopping and starting for a certain duration but without interruptions. So I have used “continually” correctly when I said in the preceding paragraph that the dose of oil will be lower than if you had ingested this oil continually, without taking a break. There’s the difference. The trick is to be able to remember it when you need to.

A continual rain means that it rained in fits and starts, i.e. it rained on and off; continuous rain means that it rained without interruption for the duration of the storm.

What about “intermittent”? I’ve had trouble with that word as well. Well there’s no time like the present to fix that. “Occurring at regular intervals, not steady or continuous.” So “intermittent” is kind of synonymous with “continual”, then.

That’s it for this pot pourri of a lesson. Easy for me.