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JuicyLesson #107: Med Pot — Edibles, etc. (Part 3)

Here is a chart showing the various medicinal effects of some of the major cannabinoids in cannabis. There are more than eighty (80) different cannabinoids in this herb and researchers around the world are busy studying them on a daily basis. To read more about this, go to Wikipedia on the subject of “Cannabinoids”.

Note that CBD’s function to slow immune system function as well as working to reduce inflammation. Both of these effects are important in treating Scleroderma, which as we have already stated is an auto-immune disease where the body is working against itself. Anything – CBD’s here – that can reduce the workings of the immune system is productive in this context but will also have the negative effect of causing the body to become more susceptible to contracting viruses since the workings of the immune system have been slowed.

Now on to some of the items on medicinal pot which were mentioned but not dealt with in Thursday’s Juicy Lesson.

    Pot vs. Pain

I would be smoking dope just for the buzz if I didn’t need/use it for its pain reducing effects. As previously stated in JuicyLesson (JL) #105, I take prescription drugs to help me cope with the symptoms of my Scleroderma. These include Supeudol, Fentanyl and Med Pot. The Supeudol and Fentanyl are more conventional pain relievers; the medicinal weed is more unconventional and works partly as a distraction from the pain you’d be experiencing otherwise. As well, especially with drugs with a higher THC content, one can get pretty zonked. To avoid the buzz if that is your objective^^ I would suggest that you get hold of pot and/or edibles with a higher CBD content. For a more psychoactive experience, go with pot and/or edibles with a higher content of THC.**

^^There are a few reasons why people might want to avoid getting stoned while enjoying the health benefits of med pot. One of these involves a person who has never smoked or done drugs and (a) is against it in principle and/or (b) is afraid of getting stoned. Period. My friend listed at least two or three additional reasons for this phenomenon but I can, at the moment, only recall the aforementioned.

**In addition, for a more psychological buzz, get Sativa pot/edibles; for a less psychoactive experience, go with Indica strains.

    What about the cost of edibles, med pot?

As a general rule prices are very reasonable.
Brownies & Blondies. (5X)* = $6.00 each
Cookies. (4X) = $4.00 each
Chocolate peppermints (2X) = $4.00 for a package of two chocolates
Cheesecake Brownie (10X) = $10.00 each
Hash oil = $41.00 per gram
Pot varies in price from $7.00 to $9.00 per gram

*X factor

Please note that there are other products available as well. See the MCAS website for a complete menu including prices.

    How to get a prescription

Download the appropriate forms from the MCAS website and have them filled out by a doctor. Then get in touch with the people from MCAS and they’ll give you an orientation if you’re accepted as a client. Once you have filled out the appropriate forms (including the doctor’s referral), it takes about a week to be approved for membership in the MCAS.

Alternatively, go to the Health Canada website and get information and forms there. This will get you the permit that you need to carry your med pot from province to province via the airways. There are big changes* in the offing which would make this option less desirable than simply downloading the required documents from the MCAS website. [* The federal government will be getting out of the pot business. For those of you out there in possession of a license from the government which authorizes you to possess pot, the MCAS can help you through the change-over.]

Erratum: Before signing off, I would like to correct something that I wrote in Wednesday’s JL #105. I said that I differed with the suggestions made by MCAS regarding how much of an edible to eat at once. In fact, regardless of what it says about dosage/servings on the actual package, the people at the Medical Cannabis Access Society told me to follow the same instructions I gave you, i.e. ensure that you start slowly with, for example, a half a cookie, a third or even less of a brownie/blondie and see what it does before moving on to a full cookie or brownie, the suggested dosage as per the packaging.

Over and out.

See you Sunday^.
^ Actually I may post a video tomorrow. Just like that.

Have a good weekend.

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