JuicyLesson #103: Fuck Duck Dynasty and the horse that they rode in on


From L to R above: Jase, Si, Willie and Phil Robertson

This guy, Dusty, has got it really going on. Cult of Dusty talks about Duck Dynasty being a sham, a put on, a complete fake. He states that the guys and their women are not really the Rednecks that they venerate at every opportunity in the most watched reality show on t.v. today, but what they are is nothing more than the yuppies that they totally rail against and disparage on their programme. Seems hypocritical to me.

From left to right: Jeb, Missy, Korie and Willie – Robertsons all

Phil Robertson, the man with the mouth that moves a bit too fast for his brain.

From L to R: Willie, Korie, Phil (the Pill), Miss Kay and Silus Robertson.

Backgrounder: Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the family. His wife since she was a teenager is Miss Kay and together they have four sons – Willie, Jase, Jeb and a fourth straighter son who I have only seen on one episode, a sixty minute one (as opposed the most of the others which last for a half hour only) on which Phil and Miss Kaye are surprised by the wedding they never had. Planned by the three daughters-in-law – Korie, Missy and Jessica – this surprise wedding ceremony took place in Hawaii, where the whole family was on a vacation which had all been arranged, organized and animated by none other than the C.E.O. of the Duck Commander-Buck Commander multi-million dollar business, Willie Robertson.

Phil started the business which produces duck calls years ago and Willie has taken the business forward. The people who actually do the manufacturing are Jase the production chief, Jeb, Si (Phil’s bro, the boys’ uncle) and two other non-family members – Godwin and another guy whose name escapes me at the moment. For his part, Phil rarely even enters the Duck Commander warehouse, instead spending his time in the woods, hunting ducks, turkeys and squirrels as well as carrying on an all-out war against his arch rival, the beaver, universally hated in Robertson country.

Jason (Jase) Robertson, Master Blaster

Jase, Willie and Jeb are all married with children. Jase’s wife is Missy, Willie’s is Korie while Jeb’s wife is the hottest of the lot, Jessica. I rate the wives (not including Miss Kaye, the matriarch) as follows: First: that hottie Jessica, second – Korie and third is Missy.

What happened:

Apparently someone has uncovered a video clip from 2010 in which Phil rants against gays and blacks. A & E, the station responsible for televising Duck Dynasty, suspended Phil citing his remarks as being unacceptable, only to re-instate him just a few days later.

Now let’s see how Dusty sees the whole scandal…tempest in a teapot or not? Not.

Peace out.

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