Juicy Lesson 147: Justin “Big Mouth Trudeau” and Pauline Marois Sovereignist Jerk


Let’s start off today’s JuicyLesson with Justin Trudeau’s instructional video on what not to say – even with obvious tongue in cheek – especially if you want to be Canada’s next Prime Minister. The man was kidding – there’s no doubt in my mind about that nor should there be in anyone else’s – Trudeau was joking when he said that Russia might intervene in the bloody mess which is the Ukraine because the Russians are angry and upset about having not done well in the Olympic hockey tournament which was part of the Olympic Games held in Sochi, Russia.

Kidding or not, this is exactly the type of behaviour on Trudeau’s part that the media and his opponents are looking for as an opportunity to mock Trudeau and belittle him as too inexperienced and unequipped at present to occupy the highest political office in the land.

As the New Democratic Party leader Tom Mulcair opines in the video “you don’t make jokes about something like that.” No you don’t. Mulcair is absolutely right, especially when you know – or you should know – that there are people out here ready to pounce on faux pas like this to discredit you and to try to take you down.

It makes one wonder if Trudeau’s critics, myself included, are correct, and that Justin is not yet ready for prime time. This is not the first time he has made cracks which have been deemed by pundits and others to be unacceptable and out of line. For instance he lauded the totalitarian aspect of the Communist regime in the Peoples’ Republic of China because the nature of the political system there enables them to get things done, as it were. Reminds me about what they said in reference to Italy’s wartime government of that Fascist Benito Mussolini, that at least he had made the trains run on time.


Another joking remark from a man aspiring to serious political office who better watch himself because it doesn’t take much to change peoples’ feelings about and perceptions of public figures like M. Trudeau athough he does seem to have a coat of teflon on him at the moment which allows remarks like this not to stick. How long this situation lasts is anyone’s guess, but one thing for sure – it won’t last forever. Nothing does.

And now for a colour of a different horse – the divisive nature of the governing Parti Quebecois and our beloved Premier Chairman Mar for congratulating only the Quebec members of the men’s Canadian hockey squad recently returned from Sochi with gold medals in hand. Forget about the other members of the team who come from the rest of Canada, Canada outside Quebec in other words. The members of the team from Quebec enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the players from the ROC in that they each needed each other for success. Putting it another way, in order to be successful, the team members from Canada and Quebec each needed each other. The Canadians without their team mates from Quebec would have been as successful without them as the Québécois team would have been without the support of British Columbia’s Carey Price and the rest of our big red team who comes from outside Quebec.

Trust Marois to fan the flames of division by thanking Québécois members of the team. However, she made some mistakes first by ignoring the Quebecoise members of the woman’s team who also took gold and next by failing to name both Jonathan Toews who speaks fluent and unaccented French and whose mother hails from the Beauce region of la belle province and Daniel Briere, another francophone de souche, but that’s not the point. Fuck that jerk and the horse she rode in on. How dare she?

On second thought, I understand what she is doing … I think I do anyway; she’s taking this opportunity to fan the flames of sovereignty which is her raison d’être and what she does at every turn whenever and wherever she gets the chance.

In fact – and the sooner we recognize this the better – Marois is not the Premier of all Québécois and this will become increasingly evident now that the polls are starting to show that the Parti Quebecois is in majority government territory and with an election campaign looming. Too bad, but we might as well get the whole thing over with sooner rather than later one way or another.


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