I’m back and for good freaking reason.

A video showing a guy being beaten by police very recently is denounced as grainy and unreliable by the police chief concerned. So now we are being told not to trust what we actually see? What is this shit?

Senators spending tax money – yours and mine – on personal trips with his “young wife”, thousands spent on personal taxi trips in Ottawa by one Senator’s wife, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau et al … these guys should do time. Thieves, entitled robbers. Convict these selfish fuckers and send them to prison but watch that they don’t tunnel out a la Shawshank Redemption like inmates Sweat and Matt who escaped from a maximum security jail, the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY, two weeks ago now. These are two convicted murderers doing life, one for shooting his boss only twenty-two times and then dismembering the body before burying it and the other, Sweat, for killing his ex-wife, both still at large after all this time with law enforcement seemingly clueless in terms of apprehending them as well as appearing ignorant on the question of where they are, not even sure at this point what country they are actually taking refuge in – Canada, America, Mexico, points even further south than that? It’s all a big question mark.

And now, there’s this twenty-one year old, barely of voting age, a youth, who shot up a Charleston church, an institution referred to within the Black Community as “Mother”, killing nine people. He announced, prior to opening fire with a .45 calibre Glock which, by the way, he apparently reloaded five times, that he was there to kill Black people because ” … they (you) have raped our women and you’re taking over the country. You have to go. I gotta do what I gotta do”. Complete and total bullshit, ignorant point of view expressed by a still-wet-behind-the-ears tiny little pissant. There are a number of other words which we can use to describe this disgusting, horrible and horrifying act with the word “evil” being front and centre. Pure, unadulterated evil.

In the aftermath of the Wednesday evening church shooting, President Obama, the beautiful American Chief Executive and moral beacon, visibly angry, had the following speechifying to do, saying things like “I have stood before you (in situations like this) far too many times.” “Eventually, as a nation, we will have to reckon with why … ” mass violence of this scale does not occur in any other “advanced” country.

In my most recent JuicyLesson before this one, I delved into this question, offering the following answer: desperation created by the unequal distribution of wealth evolves into circumstances which see desperate people taking desperate measures, committing desperate acts concomitant, as they view it at least, with the desperation they feel due to the absence of a reasonable opportunity for “success”, one way or another, and of one type or another (think ISIS, for example, an interesting phenomenon in the sense that it’s devotees don’t even realize that they are desperate). The capitalist democracy in which wealth is more unequally distributed than in any other similar nation is the United States, and thus it is understandable that gun violence occurs more often and on more massive scales there than anywhere else in the so-called First World, and that by a totally huge and long shot, it is important to add.

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