For all you hawks out there… From Jerry Cohen – creator of the blog @

…for those supporters of Israel no-matter-what…a photo of an ostrich…yawning of all things … You know ostriches, always hiding their heads in the sand.

Think about it. Please. You may have been brainwashed by Jewish school education. They got you when you were young and never let up. The Educational Director of Bialik, Nachum Wilchesky (G-d rest his soul) actually lectured us prior to the opening of school in 1982 on how we should teach that summer’s Israeli invasion and occupation of a part of Lebanon – Judea he called it – stating that it was written in the Bible or some such bullshit. Really dumb. Anyway I asked him if he wanted us to teach a party line or if he’d rather have us present the facts and then have the students make up their own minds. In response my query about if he wanted material taught more objectively, he said the following: We’re losing our children and it was while I was trying to process that remark that I was publicly attacked for being “rude” by my wonderful, considerate colleague, Sid Milech. I will say one thing for Sid – a teacher so disliked that a sec. 5 student ripped off his red mark book just to fuck him up which it surely must have. (I can still see him running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off, looking for it ) – and only one thing, you can be sure about that – he always knew where to find the butter.

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