This is an important JuicyLesson which I am re-posting. I have trouble processing the fact that there was no reaction the first time. SIMPLY NONE.

Eli Wiesel posed a good question when he asked, right at the end of our featured clip, if the world will ever learn.
All I have to offer on this is that it’s not looking too good at the moment, nor has it ever, when you think about it.

Humans are born – tabula rasa, I think, a blank slate – soon to be inscribed with the experiences and lessons of life.
What do we do with our knowledge, that which we have learnt throughout our life and at any point in it, depends a great deal on what and how we are taught and by whom.
Judging from the state of the globe right now, there must be a lot of greedy and selfish teaching going on, either that or something else. That’s all I can say.

An argument for the former is the following comment I quoted in my previous JuicyLesson (Some People are Just Palin Ignorant):

“When thousands of those scorpion eaters take over one of your largest cities screaming DEATH TO CANADA I will laugh till I wet my pants.You boys better wake up Eh,Because if you keep telling us how dumb we are we will sit on the sidelines and SHOW you how dumb you are”.

This guy learnt shit like this somewhere.

Also this comment (ibid):
“Oh yeah, here’s one last comment for you CRYBABY IDIOTS who say “Part of the blame for this type of thing goes to attitudes like yours???” If you don’t like it then YOU take them into YOUR home dumbass”.

As long as there are people who think like these do, it’ll be an uphill battle, to say the least.

2200 Americsn lives lost in Afghanistan, wrecking the lives of the families of these dead, mostly youth, permanently and forever. Why and to what end have these lives been lost?
God forbid that one should not stand, with cap over heart, at an American sporting event, when the national anthem is sung and the military applauded.

Keep ’em po’r. Keep ’em ignorant AND stupid. Canon fodder for our wars and money-making schemes.

Keep us fighting amongst ourselves and against common people from other countries for their benefit and profit. The big two: money and power. Power and money.

It’s simple and complicated at the same time.
Is it so hard to respect your fellow humans, once you get to know them, at least a little, to ensure that that respect is not misplaced. Like I said : simple and complicated at the same time.

Why do we have such trouble expressing love but no such difficulty showing hate?

“Come on people,
Smile on your brother,
Everybody come together,
Try to love one another.
Right Now.”
Is that so hard?

Why do so many people regard the love and peace message as being either dated or stupid, or overly idealistic, and even worse, an object for scorn, derision and contempt?

“We’re tough and we’re Texan,
With necks good and red.
Ki yi yippee ki yi
You long hairs are gonna die
Our American home was clean till you came,
And kids still respected the President’s name”.

Education is the key yet teachers are so poorly paid that it makes it difficult to attract the better qualified and most able people, which says a lot in itself. Simple and complicated.

The hosti-stablishment counts its money and exercises its power ruthlessly. Undercover boss. My ass.

Peace and love.

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  1. Each human being must take it upin himself to resist violence and bullying on a personal level and more importantly resist warmongering and bigotry on the political level by participating, protesting, speaking out, supporting and voting for candidates who promote peaceful solutions and voting against fermi gerund and warmongering candidates. Political participation is the key.make your voice heard, engage people in conversations, raise consciousness and most of all vote. It does make a difference.

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