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Bye bye Donnie; hello Joe, what do you know … man?

Another JuicyLesson from 🇨🇦 Jerry 🍁.

So, to quote the excellent Stephen Colbert of “A Late Show”, it’s time for the daily segment entitled “Don and the Giant Impeach”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, during every one of his shows, five days a week (and available on YouTube), Stephen begins with a five to ten minute monologue capturing the day’s current events. Lately, each of these segments has started with an oversized cartoon peach attacking Donald Trump, with different words issuing from Donnie, either leading to an attack by the above-mentioned peach or in response to same. In last night’s episode “Don and the Giant Impeach 2”, your cartoon president says that he is a racist, leading to an attack by the giant peach which ends up with Donnie hanging halfway through the roof with Colbert wondering out loud for how long that image will remain on screen.

Now that you have the idea, let’s move on. Yeah, man, the moron-in-chief has just become the first U.S. president to be impeached twice. With all 222 Democrats and ten Republicans breaking ranks with the rest of their parties’ House representatives, but more significantly and dramatically with the U.S. president, these 232 Congress people voted to impeach Trump who was charged with inciting sedition against the U.S. government. Now it’s off to the Senate for a trial.

Since the moron-in-chief will be out of office during Senate deliberations, if seventeen Senate Republicans break ranks and vote with the forty-eight Democrats and two Independents, the threshold of sixty-seven Senators (2/3 of the hundred in the chamber) will be reached and Trump will be removed from office. Since this cannot happen because, as stated above, the moron-in-chief will no longer be president, then the true significance of this decision will be the subsequent vote, requiring only a simple majority of fifty-one “yesses”, which will prevent Donnie from ever holding public office again; in other words, he’ll be barred for life from ever being elected to an important political office. For instance, he could not run for president in 2024 as a result of this vote. Time to exhale at this point in the narrative.

A few days later …

Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2021

The day is finally here when the moron-in-chief leaves office to be replaced by the Democrat, Joe Biden, who, in my opinion, has at least one thing going for him which is that he isn’t Donald Trump. Granted he seems to be a more compassionate and capable human being than his predecessor, but that is not what got him elected around eleven weeks ago – seems like an eternity, doesn’t it? Why he won the election was that the majority of Americans were simply fed up with the shit brought on by the American president almost on a daily basis. From his tweets bashing immigrants, people who opposed him, the national press which he referred to as the “enemy of the people”, as well as the numerous lies, disinformation campaigns and racist rants both in person and via tweets propagated by this sorry excuse for a human being – many were just fed up and exhausted by the seemingly bottomless well of meanness, ignorance and outright selfishness evidenced by Trump’s behaviour in the most general sense of the word.

Banning Trump’s use of social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook was a good thing. It’s almost a pleasure not to be constantly bombarded by Trump’s tweets and the divisive rhetoric and outright lies that many of these contained. However, getting rid of Trump’s influence will be a much greater challenge than just eradicating his tweets. Don’t forget that over seventy-four million people voted for Donnie last November 3rd, with some of these participating in the riot at the Capitol exactly two weeks ago, on Wednesday, the 6th of January. Talking sense to Trump supporters, most of whom continue to believe that the presidential election was rigged and stolen from the moron-in-chief, is just not possible. Regardless of Biden’s rhetoric about uniting the country, at this point this appears to be highly improbable if not utterly impossible given the commitment of the millions of supporters of the outgoing president to “stopping the steal” among other ridiculous claims made by the idiot leaving the White House in less than one hour from the time of this writing.

If Trump would just do the right thing and say that the election wasn’t rigged in fact and that Biden won the presidency fair and square, that would make some headway toward the goal of uniting Amerika. But he just can’t and thus he won’t. As I’ve said before in other JuicyLessons, Trump’s narcissistic personality prohibits him from making such a concession both personally and in public. A more honest and upstanding human being might consider taking this or another similar action, whether he believed it or not, for the good of the country but Trump doesn’t give a solitary shit about the United States or the people in it; therefore he will leave the country much more obviously divided than he found it when he assumed office in 2017. Hopefully, this idiot’s influence will wane in future to the point where he becomes a pariah.

However, one extremely important result of the outgoing Trump administration is that it has laid bare the racism and other divisive tendencies in America for anyone to see. Now we know what the Americans must deal with if ever these divisions are to be healed. As the British historian E.H. Carr opined many years ago, the first step in solving a problem is to admit that the problem actually exists, and for anyone to argue right at this moment that the United States isn’t divided and that its society isn’t systemically racist would require these people to be willfully blind to many of the circumstances, situations and events which have been brought to the fore by Donnie’s administration.

Hate the Trump.

Peace out.

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