Bye, Bye, Donnie, Boy … And the Faster the Better

… but remember that his replacement, the Vice President Mike Pence, is a far-right asshole who has stated that homosexuality is a choice and voted to fund “rehab centres” dedicated to curing homosexuality, as if it’s a disease of some type. Pence also is opposed to abortion and same sex marriage. More on Pence later, but suffice to say, for right now, that anyone, Pence included, would be better than his boss, Donald Trump, who, in the words of a political commentator whose name escapes me for the moment, “is not all there. There is something wrong with him (Donald)”.

What can you say about a man, Trump, who, on the first full day of his very first term, stands in the CIA headquarters right in front of a wall, decorated with 117 stars, each representing a CIA operative who gave his life for God and country, as they say, and who then proceeds to deride the media and make all kinds of other inappropriate remarks.

Leaving aside anything I have to say about the CIA which will have to wait for a more appropriate time, what do you say about a man who attacks, from his pulpit – the CIA headquarters in this case – the media whom he said were the most dishonest people in the world. He then went on to continue trashing the so-called mainstream media, stating that he had a lot of people at his inauguration – in this case, two pictures are worth a thousand words – see Seth Meyers, “A Closer Look” [above]

From the speakers’ vantage point, Obama in 2009 (left hand shot) and Trump last Friday, both events looked packed. No way could Trump or Obama have known the full extent of their respective crowds from their point of view which is in front of the round Capitol building in the upper-most (just about) section of each of these photos.

Who cares about the relative size of the crowds anyway? Well, Trump most certainly did and still does and will continue to do so forever. Then out comes his press secretary, this guy Keith Spicer pronouncing the Trump inauguration as the “largest in history. Period”.

A blatant lie and then Kellyanne Conway, a member of Trump’s inner circle and the wearer of one of the ugliest hats I have ever seen, actually I can’t say whether it was the hat itself or her “look” in it which almost had me puking, and portrays 415E9356-FA65-40B8-890A-D0C9D8DA147C-1612-00000122443B4E00_tmpSpicer’s lie as, what she calls “alternative facts” in an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Sunday news program, ‘Meet the Press’.

Unlike some other people, Todd didn’t just move on. Instead of letting Conway getting off, scott-free, with a remark so ridiculous as to be outright laughable and dismissed as tripe by any human being with half a brain, he confronted her with a final shot, almost angrily saying that “alternative facts are not facts. They’re falsehoods”. Good for him.

We have to understand that there are two vastly different realities here, the reality as spouted by Trump and his ilk – dark, threatening, xenophobic, populist bullshit, a world of “alternative reality” – vs the reality as portrayed by mainstream media, but more importantly and most significant, by our own brains, minds, senses and souls. We see what’s in front of us, take it in, think, make decisions and draw conclusions. Please don’t deny what your senses are telling you.

Regardless, we cannot deny that the other side is just as firmly convinced that they are right as we are that we see what is really happening, that is, that people who like and voted for and follow Trump obviously do not process information in the same way that we, on the other side, do. Can’t explain how they see things and how they process what they see. In some cases, too many, perhaps, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, and other unsavoury and in the most fundamental sense unacceptable motivations and sentiments give rise to the ignorance which allows people, even forces them in certain cases, to close their eyes to what they ssee, blaming media, liberals and everyone else who doesn’t think like them for twisting things so that they end up being skewed against President Trump. (By the way, I still can’t believe that he is actually the president of the richest and most powerful nation on this earth. Perish the thought. Better still, perish him.)

As for what we shall call the less deplorables, those Trump-ists not motivated by the irrational, they have their reasons for supporting Trump and for believing that he will “Make Amerika great again” – my ass. I can’t begin to fathom how supposedly articulate people can throw their lot in with so un-awesome a person as Trump, but suffice to say, they, like the above-mentioned more deplorables, the racists, sexists, etc., all these people are apparently convinced that what they believe is in fact the case, same as we do.

Deal with that.

One more thing. Trump has signed some executive orders including one which withdraws the Excited States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and another which makes it harder for women to have access to abortions in countries receiving foreign aid from the U.S. In the first case, I wonder if Trump has even considered the economic effects of the Americans pulling out of the TPP or if he is even aware of them. In the second case, this is something which coordinates with Trump’s statement during his campaign for the presidency, that women should be subject to some form of punishment as a consequence of their choice of abortion. Planned Parenthood? Nyet.


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