A Juicy Lesson on the corrupt

What’s the difference between capitalism and communism? In one system man exploits man; in the other, it’s the other way around.

A Conservative MP has just been sentenced to, I believe it is, 4 months of house arrest which is to succeed two months of actual jail time. This may hurt the PC’s at election time as this is the party which came to power in the wake of the Liberal sponsorship scandal, and which vowed to clean up government.

What a freaking joke. They’re all a bunch of crooks; party affiliation matters not. This applies to all governments in recent memory except Pierre Trudeau’s who did not see one – not one – of his ministers or MP’s forced out due to breaking conflict of interest guidelines or for other reasons like being charged and convicted of a felony.

Compare this to a Mulroney administration which although not lasting nearly as long as Pierre’s, saw at least eleven guys leave. Remember Sinclair Stevens, a senior cabinet member of Lyin’ Brian’s, forced to resign as a result of an issue with his supposed “blind trust”. See Also: PKP and Quebecor. I hope everyone realizes that Peladeau’s Corporation, Quebecor, financed the almost-finished arena in Quebec City, and would be one of the bidders on a future Quebec NHL franchise. Talking about a conflict of interest if PKP ever becomes the Premier of a PQ government!

And also to be remembered is the fact that, after a lot of “hooing and hawing”, no action will be taken to force Peladeau to put his shares of Quebecor (PKP is Quebecor’s majority shareholder) into a so-called bind trust.

A crook is a crook is a crook and certainly PKP, like Sinclair Stevens ( see above) before him, would find a way to circumvent the conflict of interest guidelines especially if the blind trust was to be administered by a family member as opposed to by a member of the legal profession or a different type of professional. In other words, imagine Julie Snyder, Peladeau’s fiancée, being appointed to administer her hubby’s blind trust. Right.

Let’s just call a spade a spade and admit that this blind trust thing is just some bull shit to pave the way for the rich to get into politics knowing that their portfolios would still, ultimately, be in their control even though they are supposed to be in a blind trust. It’s a way to recruit the wealthy into politics in the first place.

Otherwise why would these rich people, men for the most part, decide to get into the public sector in the first place, and thereby surrender the same opportunity to grow their wealth as they had previously enjoyed in the private sector, before allowing themselves to be recruited by one political party or another? Surely not for altruistic reasons.

Peace Out.

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